City Watch

New Company Unit Devotes Itself to Employees' Safety

When disaster strikes, people tend to panic. In companies, this anxiety often hinders employees from actively responding to emergencies. What happens next? Business temporarily stops and everything is at a standstill until things are resolved.

But what if there was a group solely devoted to employees' safety and security? Or what if your company had a department backed by advanced technology that could respond to your distress call at any time, the same way it happens in the movies?

This scenario is what prompted supply chain services holdings company TAO Corporation to pioneer the use of an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Managed by CityWatch, EOC will be a response unit devoted solely to the safety and security of all TAO employees and facilities.

Taking a proactive stance in responding to potential natural disasters or accidents, CityWatch also maintains business continuity by avoiding any further losses in case of emergency. CityWatch acquired a database of the entire TAO group of companies, including its subsidiaries in Davao and Cotabato. With the EOC facility, CityWatch can provide instant assistance and response to emergency calls, a response system similar to a 911 call in the United States, but without the hassle of answering questions or giving specific directions.

CityWatch has a team of emergency medical dispatchers (EMDs) and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who are armed with efficient and quality medical equipment. The team is supervised by medical director Dr. Butch Ong.

CityWatch uses state-of-the-art technology by SnapTech and has a 24/7 command and control center powered by satellite technology. This way, even if ground-based connections go down, it can continue to operate and respond to distress calls.

It also uses advanced global positioning system (GPS) tracking devices and mobile phones, mapping software, and an automated broadcasting system that allows instant connectivity and short message service to all members of a database.

''We are proud to utilize EOC because this is a first in the private sector and is consistent with our value of taking care of our people,'' says TAO president Jun Sy. ''CityWatch is something we'd like to offer and make available to other companies.''

To date, TAO's EOC service database includes weather monitoring, GPS tracking, 24/7 monitoring, and satellite technology. CityWatch will gradually evolve to provide more functions and services to meet the needs of TAO's employees. After all, human resource has always been the key to any company's success.