A- AUthorities

R- Rules and Regulation

U- Iniformity

F- First Aid Food and Fire Making


P- Papers and Plans

H- Health and Home


S- Signal Signaling Devices and Communication Whistle, Flashlight, Mirror, am/fm radio, Help Sign, Permanent Pen, Batteries Compass, Map, Two Way radio with battery case, Solar Charger, 3 sim card for different network, at least 300 load card prepaid per network, GPS Sattfone with load. Shelter Ponchos, Malong, Good Shoes Easy to Dry Polo and Pants, Duyan with Mosquito net Diaper as Towels Kikay kit (downey as disinfectant) Condoms waterproofing

A- Authorities Team Leader and asst team leader (assumes responsibility)

R- Rules and Regulations Who is going to eat last when the food runs out, monitoring food consumption

U- Uniformity Arrangement and Organizing Supply Putting Priority things in easy to access position, color coding with luminus tabs

F- FOOD- First Aid and Fire Making FOOD and Getting Food Mongo, Honey, Sugar and Salt Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) ginger powder, Chocolate Oath Biscuits, Water Purification Dextrose powder, Hydrite Y sling, Fishing Rod and Hooks Multi tool with knife foldable utencils, string saw First Aid Iodine, Alcohol, mask and gloves, Burn ointment, Tinea Flavia ointment elastic bandage, triangular bandage, cpr face shield, diaper and napkins FIRE making water proof match, lighter candle, easyfire starter manganese ignitor, candle portable stove, magnifying lens petrolium gel



P- Papers and Plans Papers/Documents Xerox Copy of Impt Documents List of Important Person and their contact number and relationship to the family Family Portrait and Individual Photos in Prints Scanned Colored Documents saved in SD Card Cash in condoms PLANS Where to Go whithin two hours within half day 12 hrs within 3 days which way how to get there secure survival bag

H- Health and Home Health Medication/ Vitamins/Basic Medicine Update and Upgrade of Prescription Infants Disabled Elders Pets HOME Cabinet as Boat Pelican case with locks in chains and markings Circuit Breaker/ Gas Pipe (might survive the tragedy died when got home electricuted)